I do website design and development for small businesses, startups, and individuals. I can work with you from the conceptual stage all the way through detailed design, implementation, long-term changes, and if appropriate, usability testing.

Depending on the needs of your site, it will be built with either handcrafted HTML/CSS pages or with WordPress (with or without a custom theme). Large-scale sites are best implemented by teams of engineers, not a single consultant, so I will only take on small sites for implementation. That said, I can certainly help you with the UI design of a larger site.

You’ll probably want to change your website content—and maybe the design, too!— soon after I deliver the site to you. We’ll take that into account right from the beginning. Likewise, social media may be important to you, and I can help you integrate that into your website design.

I use modern HTML/CSS techniques, high-quality prebuilt components, and sound engineering techniques to create your site. Your site will be resilient, accessible, convenient for you to update, fast for users to download, easy for search engines to index, and good-looking on all the major browsers.

I can create website art as needed, but I am not a graphic designer by profession. I look forward to working with your marketing and graphics specialists to produce a site that aligns with your vision.

Cardinal flower
“Lobelia cardinalis”

Also native. Can only be pollinated by hummingbirds!

Engraving of cardinal flower