Things I like: Good craftsmanship in any domain. Mostly-minimalist web design. Grassfed beef and Gulf shrimp. Old Episcopal hymns in four-part harmony. Native North American flowers and trees, and the ecologies that go with them. Gentle parenting, quirky kids, and content-rich learning. Babywearing and mountain climbing (usually not at the same time). Long and deep discussions, whether in person or online. Fresh snow.

Things I don't like: Willful ignorance. Deliberately antagonistic and divisive arguments. Waste. Disrespectful parenting. Twinkies. Kudzu, knotweed, garlic mustard, and other invasive weeds. Noisy and content-free electronic toys. Dishonesty. Blackflies. Autotune.

Our family lives near Boston, which is where I went to college and never left. I work part-time, and I parent a four-year-old the rest of the time. We spend our time gardening, cooking, exploring nearby playgrounds and woods and farms, reading, keeping up with Patriots football, and relearning history and math and science from a child's perspective.

I wrote Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design, published by O’Reilly, now in its second edition. I can’t rule out future books, because writing them is fun!

Pitcher plant
“Sarracenia purpurea”

Carnivorous but lovely. Floral emblem of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Engraving of pitcher plant flower