I’ve been a user interface designer and software engineer for nearly twenty years, and a consultant and freelancer since 2010. My past employers have included Google and MathWorks, along with several smaller companies. (See my LinkedIn profile for a complete list.) The sites shown here are representative of public websites that I've recently designed. I also work with clients who create applications.

  1. Olin College I2E2
    Olin College's Initiative for Innovation in Engineering Education (I2E2) needed an up-to-date look to attract new students and create a good first impression. This was one of several visual concepts I created; when they chose one, I implemented the site for them, based on content they already had in place.
  2. Bodhisattva
    SAT Prep
    The instructors at BodSAT already had a plan for their new site's content, but they needed a polished look that would appeal to their target market. I designed this look, built the HTML/CSS/JS front end, and improved the interactions on their signup forms. The site uses “responsive design” so that it works well on mobile devices.
  3. James Sclater
    This well-regarded composer needed a strong web presence to show his works list and recordings. The static HTML site uses webfonts, embedded YouTube videos, and careful information design to show his impressive body of work in a clear and stylish way.
  4. Hot Guys and
    Baby Animals
    Just before the Christmas shopping rush began, the owners of this site needed a very fast and inexpensive update to the site's look. I created a pair of designs for the client, helped them choose, refined the look quickly, and rolled out changes to their existing WordPress theme in time for Black Friday.
  5. Designing Interfaces
    My book’s second edition, published in December 2010, required a fresh look and new content for its companion site—without losing its existing users or search rank. Both the site and its blog are built in WordPress, with a heavily customized theme.
  6. 2020 Vision Quest
    This brand-new nonprofit needed a website in a hurry. Working with their creative team, I built a static site that changes quickly to meet the charity’s growing needs. I still perform the day-to-day operation of the site, which will soon be converted to a CMS. A twist: the site must be 100% accessible to blind visitors!
  7. Mrs Nic's Academia
    A skilled teacher and tutor wanted a new site to draw new business. With a site plan in hand, she asked me to create a playful visual design and a Dreamweaver-based HTML template that she could maintain herself. Truly a joint design, this site reflects her unique, exuberant style.
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